WFH: The new “Normal”

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Covid-19 has changed human behavior as we used to. Social distancing, lock-downs, travel-restrictions are the new words, which coronavirus has taught us.

Business cannot afford a shut-down . Thus Work remotely Or ‘work from home’ (WFH) is to be the new normal which is going to stay.

When it comes to WFH, then there will be a paradigm shift to the whole process. As a business case many of the engagements with our client will move to On-line. For the manufacturing organization there will be restrictions on Plant visit, Product Demo, Negotiation & Deal closing, payment collection, all will move to online. Only material dispatch and installation of machines and tools will remain in physical. Even performance of plants and controlling the various parameters can move to IOT driven applications.

Majority of office and R&D work can move to WFH thru remote access. Thanks to adoption of Cloud services ,many business applications have moved to Cloud and they are much more secure than on-premise installation. Small and Medium enterprises can leverage Cloud hosting of the server will not only bring their Cost of IT spending lower and more agile. With the availability of enterprise applications on cloud ,middle and senior management can take the informed decision.

When we critically look at WFH , we observe two critical issues
1. Availability of Secure network
2. Data Security at end User end.
This both the challenges can be addressed thru right Remote Access Software (RAS). The advantages of RAS
● Make any application available on any device
● Security reinforcement with the Two factor Authentication
● Monitor IT infrastructure with the advance reporting
● Optimize computing resources with Smart Load Balancing
● High Availability mode available for Server and gateways
One thing is clear, maybe lockdown will ease-out in due course of time, but “Work from Home” culture will evolve to its fullest way and IT infrastructure support will play a major role. CIO’s will equally participate in the business expansion process along with CFO’s.

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