CAD Designs

ARES Commander

ARES Commander is a switch made easy – providing a familiar look & feel that is intuitive for any experienced CAD user. Much more than a cost-effective alternative for DWG-editing, ARES Commander is making no compromises in features and innovations.

  • Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Read & Save in DWG natively
  • Full CAD software – 2D
  • Productivity-oriented with exclusive features
  • Fully integrated in ARES Touch and ARES Kudo

Any OS: ARES Commander can be installed on Windows, macOS or several Linux distributions

Work offline: ARES Commander is fully installed on your laptops and/or computers as you have ever been used to

Buy 1 license and work from any computer: ARES Commander, the same user can work from up to 2 computers simultaneously and even log out to work from other computers. You may even use computers under different operating systems.

CAD anywhere: When you buy ARES Commander you also get a 1-year subscription for ARES Touch (to work on your Android and iOS devices) and ARES Kudo, our cloud-based solution.

Support included: When you buy ARES Commander the license includes a 1-year subscription to receive all the updates as well as access to our Support Desk via email. Upon expiration, you are free to renew your support agreement or withdraw.