Creo 11 and Creo+: Elevating Design Excellence


PTC proudly unveils Creo 11, the latest iteration of our acclaimed CAD system, designed with a focus on customer-driven enhancements aimed at elevating your design process. This update is packed with usability improvements, productivity tools, and innovative technologies, all geared towards enabling you to deliver exceptional designs in a fraction of the time.

Productivity and Usability Enhancements:

Creo 11 enhances the user experience with updates across various areas such as multibody design, surfacing, and model-tree management, ensuring that design engineers can work more efficiently than ever before. Key improvements include:

  • Streamlined multibody design workflows, now supporting the multibody design of sheet metal parts.
  • Improved surface selection with the addition of Box, Lasso, and Trace selection options, alongside selection priority for Quilts.
  • Simplified model creation with the introduction of a Shrinkwrap option, facilitating the collection of bodies from referenced assemblies into a single part.
  • Enhanced packaging optimization with detailed enclosure volume information.

Design for Composites:
Creo 11 empowers designers to leverage composite materials for achieving optimal strength and lightness. Key features include:

  • Expanded functionality for transitions, laminate section, and draping simulation, enhancing management and visualization of plies.
  • Conceptual top-down composite design facilitated by zone-based regions and zone stack recipes, automating ply creation.
  • Improved clarity on ply book drawings and support for leading laser projection formats to enhance composite product quality.
  • Enhanced packaging optimization with detailed enclosure volume information.

Design for Electrification:

  • Dynamic preview and expanded filtering options with cabling’s remove locations capability.
  • Enhanced transparency control of ECAD layers for better visibility during design and preparation for manufacturing.

Model-Based Definition and Digital Thread:
Creo 11 equips designers with powerful Model-Based Definition (MBD) tools for enhanced clarity and efficiency, including:

  • Simplified data organization with intuitive tables and support for parameter callouts.
  • Enhanced search efficiency with semantic query capabilities.
  • Enhanced search efficiency with semantic query capabilities.
  • Expanded support for ISO standards and improved export options for seamless sharing of 3D models.

Simulation and Optimization:
Improve product quality and explore new design possibilities with enhanced simulation-driven design tools, including updates to:

  • Creo Simulation Live: Added support for conjugate heat transfer and fluid-solid interaction.
  • Creo Ansys Simulation Advanced: Enhanced capabilities for transient structural simulation.
  • Generative design: New constraints and features for optimized design exploration.


Creo 11 enhances both additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities, facilitating the delivery of high-quality products. Highlights include:

  • Advanced lattice creation tools for complex geometries in additive manufacturing
  • Expanded milling and turning capabilities, including support for 4-Axis rotary operations.

Creo 11 is a comprehensive upgrade designed to boost productivity, enhance quality, and foster innovation across your design process. With a myriad of improvements spanning everyday productivity tools to advanced simulation and manufacturing capabilities, Creo 11 equips you and your team with the tools needed to excel in today’s competitive landscape.