New Trinity Features For 2023

  1. Flex Cloud License (available soon)
    Flex Cloud Licensing is an innovative model of software licensing that allows organizations to pay for only the cloud services they use. By integrating with a variety of cloud platforms, this type of license eliminates the need for multiple hardware licenses or other costly software subscriptions. It also provides customers with enhanced flexibility and scalability, allowing them to scale up or down their usage as needed without any extra costs. In addition, Flex Cloud Licensing creates an open environment where organizations can easily access additional features, such as monitoring capabilities, self-service options, and more. This model is becoming increasingly popular among organizations looking to save time and money while taking advantage of the latest technology advances.
  2. Mobility Pack: ARES Kudo + ARES Touch
    The Mobility Pack: ARES Kudo + ARES Touch is an innovative new system that can increase efficiency and improve safety in industrial workspaces. With its flexible modular design, the Mobility Pack ensures full mobility for personnel with increased safety as it utilizes advanced obstacle recognition, remote monitoring and control features. Furthermore, it allows personnel to easily adapt to any changes in their environment or job setup due to its wireless technology and low energy consumption. The Mobility Pack also includes all the Trinity collaboration features, enabling these users to share valuable feedback by commenting with text, voice, stamps, or even pictures taken from their mobile devices. They can also share free-to-use view-only links with their contacts, and receive email notifications to follow the activity on their projects.
  3. Social Login
    You can use your google authentication to login and you don’t have to recognise individual usernames & passwords for each account. Graebert products and the Customer Portal are now accessible via a single sign-on (SSO) option.
  4. Cloud-Friendly Open and Save Dialog Boxes
    You can access drawings stored in the cloud while opening or saving files and , at the same time, take advantage of the cloud storage.New dialog boxes for the Open and Save commands offer convenient access to drawing files in your cloud storage.
  5. Unified Sharing and Permissions Dialog in Commander, Touch & Kudo
    The look and feel of the Permissions dialog box have been updated; the changes include new button alignments and resizing.
  6. Enhanced Print to PDF for ARES Touch
    In the past, users could only export the entire model or sheets to PDF. Now, you can choose to export only certain areas by specifying a window or particular geometry from the active model or sheet in ARES Touch.
  7. Print to Cloud Printer from ARES Touch
    In addition to printing to PDF, ARES Touch now offers an interface to print your drawings on any cloud-ready printer. This includes printers compatible with Apple AirPrint™ or offering equivalent services to print from Android either via Wi-fi® Direct or cloud.
  8. PDF Import in ARES Kudo
    PDF Import, a popular feature in ARES Commander, is now available in ARES Kudo to do the same online. It works most essentially for DWG files that were exported to PDF, and helps you to convert the content back to DWG for further editing. You can insert all or selected pages from multiple-page PDF documents.

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